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October 2021 Issue of CCiP available to read

Read the latest issue of Child Care in Practice which includes seven articles that challenge us to redefine the way we think about disability.

Read the insightful editorial by Bernard Barrett, one of our CCiP board members, who is the National Research and Information Specialist from the Tusla Child and Family Agency, Ireland.

The articles in this issue are a must-read and cover a wide variety of topic areas:

  • “Trauma-informed” work with children with disabilities with a social justice focus

  • Barriers to effective child protection and welfare assessment with disabled children

  • The barriers and facilitators to the implementation of interventions for children with visual impairments

  • Irish intellectual disability services for children and the impact of austerity

  • Parenting a child with autism: considering the stresses, supports, & implications for Social Work Practice

  • Group support program for parents of children with developmental disabilities

  • Establishing communication by severely disabled children in small group homes

Click the link to read the editorial and articles Oct 2021 Issue of CCiP

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