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October Issue of Child Care in Practice now published!

Read this extended edition of Child Care in Practice which presents international studies demonstrating the inter-linked and multi-faceted range on the subject of child care. A joint Editorial is presented by Bernard Barrett ( National Research and Information Specialist, National Research Office, Tusla: Child and Family Agency) and Sheina Rigg (Implementation Manager, Safeguarding Board of Northern Ireland ).

  1. Developing Hopeful Minds: Can Teaching Hope Improve Well-being and Protective Factors in Children?

  2. Adolescent Mental Health Help-Seeking from Family and Doctors: Applying the Theory of Planned Behaviour to the Northern Ireland Schools and Wellbeing Study

  3. Effects of Mentalization-based Interventions on Mental Health of Youths in Foster Care

  4. Domain-specific Consideration of Future Consequences: Further Evidence Using Academic Attainment Data

  5. Resilience in Families of Early Adolescents with ADHD: Implications for Practice

  6. The Views of Local Authorities in England on How to Prevent Children Being in Care

  7. Hospital Service Use Among Children with Obesity in Ireland: A Micro-costing Study

  8. Comprehensiveness, Coordination and Continuity in Services Provided to Young Children with Cerebral Palsy and Their Families in Norway

  9. Factors Associated with Malnutrition among Children Aged Six Months to Five Years in a Semi-Rural Area of the Western Cape, South Africa

  10. Child Protection Managers’ Views on Frameworks for Assessment of Children in Need

  11. Preschool Social Participation, the Impact of Early Life Stress and Parental Health

  12. Implementing Aistear – the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework Across Varied Settings: Experiences of Early Years Educators and Infant Primary School Teachers in the Irish Context

  13. Talk—An Intervention Programme for Enhancing Early Literacy Skills in Preschool Children: A Pilot Study

  14. The Level of Involvement of Jordanian Parents of Kindergarten Children and Its Relationship to Parents’ Gender and Educational Qualification

  15. How do Pregnant Women with Additional Health or Social Care Needs Experience Parenting Groups: Evidence from Delivery of Enhanced Triple P for Baby and Mellow Bumps as Part of the Trial of Healthy Relationships Initiatives in the Very Early Years (THRIVE)

  16. “We’re Trying so Hard for Outcomes but at the Same Time We’re Not Doing Enough”: Barriers to Physical Activity for Australian Young People in Residential Out-of-home Care

Click here to read the editorial and articles online

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