July 2022 Issue of Child Care in Practice available to read now!

Read the latest issue of Child Care in Practice with an insightful Editorial by Claire O’Driscoll Lawrie (St Patrick's Mental Health Services, Dublin) and Lynne Peyton (Children's Services and Change Management).

This issue of CCiP provides the reader with an eclectic range of topics, concerning many aspects of childhood, with contributions from 13 different countries.

  1. Visiting Mum: children’s perspectives on a supported scheme when visiting their mother in prison

  2. Reviewing Mental Health Services and Support for Children and Young People in Northern Ireland: A Rights Based Approach

  3. The case for targeted parenting interventions with reference to intergenerational transmission of parenting: qualitative evidence from three studies of marginalised mothers’ and fathers’ participation in parenting programmes

  4. Late reminders nine years post disaster in adults who as children or adolescents were exposed to the 2004 Southeast Asian tsunami

  5. Reimagining Children’s Behaviour and Behaviour Management ‘Otherwise’: A Critical Commentary on the English Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

  6. Effects of hospital early childcare intervention in young children with cancer

  7. Assessing Caregivers’ Adherence to Child Primary Care Recommendations: Development and validation of a scale

  8. Parents’ perception of school-aged children’s body weight, height, and body shape

  9. Careful Choices: Parents Reflect on their Childcare Decisions

  10. What Japanese children aged 8 to 12 actually do and what they wish to do in their free time

  11. The Play-Based Behaviours of Emirati Preschool Children: Cultural Perspective into Early Childhood Education

  12. Parental Well-being of Mothers and Fathers in Latin America: A Systematic Review of the Literature

  13. 'Do I read it? No’. Knowledge utilisation in child welfare decisions

  14. Coping with paradoxes: Norwegian child welfare leaders managing complexity

  15. Signs of Safety: The view from early help

Click here to read the editorial and articles online

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