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Interested in subscribing to CCiP?

By subscribing to Child Care in Practice you will receive four issues per year of:

  • A publication that aims to advance education and promote quality child-care practice, providing a forum for the publication of multi-disciplinary practice and research and an opportunity to display innovative work being done by your agency, with articles being published usually within 6 months of submission

  • A real insight into the experiences of other agencies involved in child care as well as the children and families in receipt of those services, and keynote papers from local and national conferences

  • Very readable articles on current and vital issues, including Special Editions devoted to areas of particular concern or development; Special Editions have included Permanence and Adoption, Domestic Violence, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Young People's Transitions from Foster Care

  • A high-quality journal that is great value for money

  • On-line access to the articles and reviews

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