Ms Anne Morrison (Chair) - Manager, Child Care Centre, Belfast Health & Social Services Trust, Northern Ireland

Ms Patricia Nicholl (Treasurer) - Lecturer, University of Ulster, Belfast

Dr Carmel Devaney (Secretary) - Lecturer above the Bar, UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, NUI Galway

Dr Clionagh Boyle - Post-doctoral Teaching Fellow, Early Childhood, Liverpool Hope University

Dr Paul McCafferty - Lecturer in Social Work, Ulster University

Ms Anne McGlade - Social Care Research Lead, Directorate of Social Care and Children

Ms Frances Nicholson  - Social Services Officer, Department of Health, Social Services & Public Safety, Northern Ireland


Editorial Board Members


Mr Bernard Barratt - National Research and Information Specialist, Research Office, Tusla Child and Family Agency, Tipperary

Dr Eavan Brady - Assistant Professor in Social Work, Trinity College Dublin

Dr Michele Capurso - Department of Philosophy, Human and Social Sciences and Education, Università degli Studi di Perugia

Mr Lars B. Kristofersen - Senior Researcher, NOVA, Norwegian Social Research, Oslo Metropolitan University

Ms Catherine Maguire - Northern Ireland Social Care Council

Professor Marinella Majorano - Associate Professor, Department of Human Science, University of Verona

Ms Anne Marks - Independent Chair, Domestic Homicide Reviews

Dr Mandi McDonald - Senior Lecturer, School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work

Ms Helen McKenzie - Safeguarding Board of Northern Ireland

Dr Tracey Monson - Director of Services, Daughters of Charity Child and Family Services, Republic of Ireland

Dr Joe Mooney - Assistant Professor of Social Work, University College Dublin

Dr Colman Noctor - St Patrick's Mental Health Service

Mrs Lynne Peyton - Child Care Consultant, Dungannon, Northern Ireland

Dr Emily Shaffer-Hudkins - Bay Area Early Steps Program Director, Assistant Professor, University of South Florida


Book Review Editor

Dr Babs Anderson - Lecturer Childhood Studies, Liverpool Hope University

Assistant Editor


Ms Christina Murphy - Child Care in Practice, Northern Ireland