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About Us

Child Care in Practice is a leading international peer review Journal of multi-disciplinary child care practice.  Publishing the best of both practice and research from all professions and disciplines involved in the provision of children's services, Child Care in Practice fulfils a special role in bringing together the many and varied groups which make up this vital field.  Whatever profession you represent, from social care to mental or health care, academic research to the legal profession, the voluntary sector or police, this journal will be of interest to you.  Published quarterly, the journal is peer reviewed to ensure the highest of standards.

A Short History

Child Care in Practice (CCIP) is a multi-disciplinary journal produced by the CCIP Group. The Journal was an initiative launched by a group of child care professionals from the statutory and voluntary organisations in April 1994 in Northern Ireland.  Its founding aim was to focus on child care issues in Northern Ireland and to a lesser extent the remainder of the UK and the Republic of Ireland.  As many child care issues are of relevance globally we have developed a more international aspect of the journal. Initially published locally, CCIP entered into contract with Carfax Publishing in 2002 and joined the family of Social and Health care journals published by the Taylor and Francis Group. This ensures the journal is available electronically and makes it more commercially viable in the international marketplace.  CCIP readers represent professionals working in all disciplines in the provision of children's services, including social work, nursing, medicine, psychology, education, police and probation services and the legal profession.

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